Marie Forleo and Amanda Lederman: Work Smarter Not Harder From Home

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist - she’s also an infectious ball of energy who radiates positivity no matter where or what the circumstance.

She joined forces with #BlogHer’s Digital Director, Amanda Lederman, to talk to our audience about getting after what they want even if they’re stuck inside, setting boundaries with loved ones (kids, husbands, pets, etc.) during quarantine, and more.

During her time on stage, Marie stressed that her signature catch-phrase (and book’s namesake!) is maybe more applicable now than ever - everything is figureoutable.

“Especially during this time, if you hold on to this little phrase - everything is figureoutable - it really does calm your nervous system and trains you to focus on creative solutions rather than the problems. It’s like a life preserver in the moment that can help bring us back to make better choices.”

Marie also helped the over-achievers among us (and at #BlogHer, the over-achievers are many!!) figure out ways to quell the urge to work all through the night.

“As high achievers, most of us have the tendency to muscle through and push to a breakthrough. Actually, give yourself a break! Walk away and do something that is not productive at all. Especially at home, you can very easily overwork and push yourself. Step away from the work buffet and give your beautiful brain a break! Hard medicine for overachievers, but works like magic.”