Alicia Silverstone and Audrey Cleo Yap: Living the Kind Life

When it comes to living the kind life, Alicia Silverstone is anything but clueless!

The actress, activist, author, and mom Alicia Silverstone joined #BlogHer20 Healthy at Home alongside Variety’s Audrey Cleo Yap to share everything from her diet and wellness tips, her branding expertise, and how to lead an eco-conscious brand, her parenting philosophy, and more.

Alicia’s supplement company, MYKIND organics, is as good for the planet as it is for consumers: “The world has enough junk. With that consciousness about everything that I create, I meant only to make change and not a business, but I got lucky and I get to have both. I feel so grateful.”

When asked about raising her child as a vegan, Alicia laughed off the haters. “With my son, from the get-go, I thought of him as a ‘brown rice baby.’ I ate brown rice, and now he does. That centering nourishment gives him a calmness. He’s not off the charts, and I don’t have to yell or discipline. I just say, ‘Bear, no thank you’ and he’s like, ‘ok, Mom!’”

“Eating well is the best way to have smooth, healthy relationships (with your kids), not to mention warding off heart disease!” - Alicia Silverstone

On top of all the amazing kernels of wisdom Alicia dropped during her time on our virtual stage, she also hinted at a possible Clueless reunion in honor of the 25th anniversary!

“We’re trying to figure it out... it’s tricker than you think. Stay tuned!”