Nitika Chopra: Podcasting From Home

Podcasting pro Nitika Chopra stopped by #BlogHer20 Healthy at Home to teach our audience all about how to implement

Her podcast, “The Point of Pain,” is a chronicle of Nitika’s chronic illness journey. Nitika brings on guests to talk about pain as it relates to their personal lives, their businesseses, and beyond.

Nitika stresses that podcasting is an incredibly freeing platform. “Podcasting is a unique opportunity to understand what your niche voice is meant to share with the world. To me, that’s really exciting - whatever your work is, when it’s about service to others, that’s what makes it the most interesting... with podcasting, even the most obscure niches do really, really well.”

In terms of podcasting during the time of Covid-19, Nitika underscores the importance of not stretching yourself too thin. “We all want to do 700 things at once - but the truth is we have limited resources within ourselves, and a full-time job or a chronic illness on top of all of that. Just make sure your energy is being used to the full capacity that it can be.”