Haley Pham and Reshma Gopaldas: Lights, Camera, Action

Haley Pham may only be nineteen years old, but she’s a super-influencer at heart! Haley is what every influencer hopes to become - a massive success through authentically-produced content. But, building a platform that pays took time. It took Haley six years before she made any significant money from YouTube of the nine total years that she’s been curating content for her channel.

Haley used her time on stage to give our audience equipment advice, talk about the major differences between her two favorite platforms (YouTube and TikTok!), and how to the content you create should be made for who’s watching it.

“Cannon M50 is my absolute favorite camera to work with - I use the road microphone with it too. Pretty reasonably priced too!”

Haley stressed that she had fallen in love with TikTok because it’s so forgiving and super easy to be yourself on the platform.

“It can be a little rough around the edges so long as it’s authentic... perfectionism holds back soo many of my friends who want to start YouTube channels. You really just have to launch forward and adjust - it’s worked for me!”

As for editing platforms, Haley loves FinalCut Pro.

“There’s so much you can do. It’s amazing!”