JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Jamie Lynn Spears: Dynamic Duo

“Sweet Magnolias” stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Jamie Lynn Spears took to our virtual stage for an awesome, candid conversation about motherhood, working in Hollywood, and how they’re keeping sane during quarantine, moderated by Variety’s Angelique Jackson!

The dynamic duo talked about having fun together on set, parallels between their lives and those of their characters on Netflix’s original series, and how they’re talking to their kids about COVID-19.

“It’s not telling one story from one point of view. Technically, my character is the “other woman,” but you see it from her point of view - it helps not being so quick to judge and having some compassion for why people make the decisions they make.” - Jamie Lynn Spears

“At first, I was worried about the show coming out at a time when a lot of people are suffering. But this is a great opportunity to talk about real-life and friendships and what it means to endure and support each other.” - JoAnna Garcia Swisher

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