June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson: Fearless Friendship

June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson are actresses, comedians, philanthropists, activists - and they’re also best friends.

This serious dream team kept us giggling throughout their time on the virtual stage, moderated by SHE Media’s Reshma Gopaldas.

The pair talked about meeting in a clown class at NYU, co-writing a gazillion scripts together, the importance of solid female friendships, and practicing fearless feedback with each other.

June (or JDR), also talked about the reasons she founded the Jane Club, a workspace for working moms and women:

“With my 2nd kid, I had a tough transition back into the workforce. The Jane Club started with the idea that women should not have to hide their caretaking -- they should center and honor it. This is a workspace, where women, and some men too, drop off their children on the first floor and then go upstairs to their space - to work, or meditate or work out. My frustration was on the idea that one woman can balance it all, but there was no structure. Now we’ve launched The Connected Jane in 17 states with teach-ins, book clubs, and group workouts. A part of what we talk about a lot is not apologizing for children.”

Casey Wilson commented on the difficulty of show biz - and how great it is to have her best friend by her side in an industry known for chewing women up and spitting them out:

“Every business is hard, but many people don't get to go through a career as a team. You’re emboldened! You can egg each other on in a good way to achieve your dreams, which you might not do alone.”