Jennifer Nettles and Leslie Fram: In The Country Of Women

Jennifer Nettles and Leslie Fram took the virtual stage at our first-ever #BlogHer virtual event. These champions of change joined forces for an empowering discussion on the fight for equality on and off the stage.

Country queen Jennifer Nettles is known for her killer discography, her super-mom skills, and being a serious advocate for equality. She discussed making waves at last year's Country Music Awards, by donning a cape reminding her fellow industry members of a cold hard truth - women's records simply don't get played as often as men's in the country music industry.

"When I hear the numbers steam comes out of my ears - we are played only at 9% - that’s 9% away from being ERASED on radio and streaming services. We see the effects of systemic sexism and the “good ol’ boys” industry. In this situation, with how radio uses data, tech has taken systemic prejudice and exploded it into a mushroom cloud. This isn’t just the music industry, it’s all industries. From home loans to healthcare, algorithms have set prejudice to numbers."

Jennifer opened up about being a working mom under quarantine as well - and all the challenges that come with it.

"Most moms know working from home it’s a totally different schedule and life to balance. I’ve been gentle with myself. I've been put in the role of being a teacher, but I've always been a peacekeeper. Trying to be as gentle with myself as possible to wear all the different hats that I've been offered. And have patience with my kids, who’s schedule has been upended because a schedule and routine can feel safe."