Alexandra Nicole, Jeanine Edwards, and Ashleigh Morely: Creating Sponsored Content

You’ve won your pitch - now it’s time to create content that will meet and exceed your client’s KPIs and benefit your audience. Alexandra Nicole of City Chic Living, Jeanine Edwards of SheFinds Media, and SHE Media's own Ashleigh Morley are here to help!

According to Alexandra Nicole, the key to going above and beyond your client's expectations when creating sponsored content is authenticity:

"I stay true to what’s authentic to me and my own interest, but I'm sensitive to what’s in line with my demographic’s interests."

Alexandra also relayed that when it comes to landing your next sponsored content deal, rely on your strong network and practice self-advocacy:

“I know from experience that it’s good to keep with networks. I could explain I don’t think an opportunity is a fit, but maybe there’s another? I also follow up quarterly with all my brands because there might be future opportunities.”

Tune in to learn from these content experts on maintaining your voice, managing client feedback, and keeping your audience’s attention.