Julie Solomon: Pitch it Perfect

Julie Solomon is a mom, former publicist, influencer marketing expert and professional pitcher - and she’s also pregnant during a pandemic! Juile took the #BlogHer20 Parenting stage to get real with our attendees about common mistakes, crafting killer elevator pitches, and how to pick your price point when going after the brand deal of your dreams.

Julie kicked off her presentation by helping our viewers debunk what she calls “Pitch Myths” - aka, negative thinking that prevents entrepreneurs and influencers from pitching themselves in the first place. She especially highlighted a myth that seems to be everywhere right now - that “this uncertain time isn’t the right time to get started.” But Julie raised a seriously salient truth to our attendees: the perfect moment to get started on the career you want is ALSO a myth - if you want something, you have to choose to get after it.

The pitching expert broke down the elements to crafting a perfect elevator pitch, encouraging our attendees to consider who they are, what they offer, how it serves others, and why it’s important. Julie also reminded our attendees to put their elevator pitch in their insta bios, to compliment first, explain credibility second when it comes to reaching out to brands, and above all else, to do your research when it comes to crafting your rate.

Don’t sell yourself short. Knowing your worth and what you deserve to be compensated for your time and efforts goes a very long way!