The Bloggers Roadmap to Financial Success with Kachet Jackson-Henderson & Candace Junée

Watch Kachet Jackson-Henderson & Candace Junée share their business brilliance and strategies on how to build the monetizable value of your professional brand. Learn how to establish your brand, increase revenue & diversify your content across platforms while maintaining your voice.

"Confidence is so key. I think people take others as seriously as they present themselves - even if it’s a cold pitch, as long as you sound like you know what you’re talking about, you’ve done your research, and you’ve made it personal - you’re golden." - Kachet

"I used to be terrified of reaching out to someone who I really admire - get over that fear. You never know how many people will be excited about the idea you have." - Candace

Our biggest takeaways? Banish your self-doubt, know your worth, set your standards high, and let the money follow.