Blogging 101 with Rachel Rhee of The Dimple Life & Miranda Mendelson of Slashed Beauty

Watch professional bloggers Miranda Mendelson & Rachel Rhee as they take the BlogHer U virtual stage to teach you everything you need to know from selecting the right platform, building your brand blueprint to implementing a content strategy to create a successful blog.

“You have to realize you’re entering a very saturated space - and I”m not saying this to discourage you. It’s going to take hard work to set yourself apart from the thousands of others who want to do this - that’s why you have to master your niche.” Miranda Mendelson

“Pick platforms that are fun and sustainable for you. If you’re not into video, you might not want to get into Tiktok. But if you love writing and long posts, you might want to try LinkedIn! It’s a totally under-utilized resource.” Rachel Rhee

Our major takeaways? Never underestimate the value of evergreen content, SEO is your new best friend, and having an accountant take a look is always a good idea.