Preparing for Q4: How to Use Organic SEO to Grow Traffic and Increase Earnings

The 4th quarter of the year (Q4) is a lucrative period for publishers and bloggers as this period sees increased web traffic and increased ad spend from advertisers. Q4 is also home to some of the major holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas — which present huge opportunities for content ideas and subsequent traffic spikes.

In this editorial workshop, you will learn how to use organic SEO to grow your traffic and maximize your earning potential. You will also learn:

- How to plan ahead and identify the best opportunities for growth and income
- How to increase time on site and engage your audience
- Tips to improve your RPM in Q4
- How to identify and track content trends in your niche
- Traffic sources and other opportunities for traffic growth

Speaker: Jiji Ugboma, Associate Director Publisher Engagement, SHE Media