How to Make Your First $100K with Julie Solomon

There are two magic numbers most entrepreneurs are almost always working toward in their first years: $100K and $1 million. Though profit of any amount could be considered a success, these standout figures are a status symbol of sorts that declare “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” Of course, tactical steps are required to reach six-figures, but your mindset is just as important. In fact, Julie Solomon would argue it’s the very foundation of your hustle. If you want to know how to make your first $100K, know this—it’s the hardest money you’ll make because “it’s typically the first identity change you make where you’re going from working for someone else to being a solopreneur or entrepreneur.” If you’re an entrepreneur currently making less than $100K per year, join Julie Solomon’s Shine Waitlist for a chance to be part of her one-year accelerator program where you’ll learn even more about how to increase revenue, truly create influence, and more.