Lexi Underwood, Naomi Wadler, and Nikki Brown: Next Gen Voices

Lexi Underwood and Naomi Wadler toook to the virtual stage to discuss how they're harnessing their platforms for change.

At ages 16 and 13 respectively, Lexi and Naomi were already taking action to support the Black Lives Matter movement, but with recent events, they both initially felt stuck and overwhelmed. Despite these feelings, both young women told moderator and #BlogHer's editorial director Nikki Brown, that they felt a duty to use their platforms during this time.

So, how exactly are these two powerhouses using their platforms? Lexi is an actress with her own production company, Ultimate Dreamer Productions, focused on giving voices to under-represented stories and storytellers. The company’s current project is called “We the Voices of Gen Z,” which is a roundtable discussion of diverse, Gen Z voices talking about social and political issues. Naomi is a writer and activist, who, along with being featured in the first episode of “We the Voices of Gen Z,” serves as a youth advisor to Georgetown Law’s Center on Poverty and Inequality. There, she focuses on inclusion, particularly for women of color, so she and her colleagues work on multiple projects, from writing blog posts and having conversations, to entering art competitions.

Tune-in to learn from these young change-makers, and have your faith restored in the future!