BlogHer Health 2021

An interactive health & wellness virtual experience made for content creators looking for the latest best practices to start the new year off on the right foot!

Our Programming Included:

Spotlight Talk with Nitika Chopra | Nitika Chopra joins us to discuss the importance of connection and community as she shares how she's using her platform to help inspire and empower people living with chronic illness all over the world.

Fireside Chat with Jordana Brewster | Jordana Brewster takes a break from acting to share how she's finding creative fulfillment, focusing on self-care, and what she has in store for 2021.
Moderator: Nikki Brown

Combating Cold & Flu Season 101 | Dr. Contessa joins us to discuss ways in which you can prioritize your health, the importance of taking preventative measures, and how to prepare for cold and flu season.
Moderator: Reshma Gopaldas

Fireside Chat with Rachel Hollis | Rachel Hollis shares her sage advice on how you can put your best foot forward this new year. From professional to personal goals, Rachel's here to provide you with the tools to turn your resolutions into reality.
Moderator: Ellen Yin

Informed & Empowered | Making powerful decisions about contraceptives, so you can plan accordingly for your professional and personal future.
Speakers: Paulina Ospina & Dr. Yesmean Wahdan

Social Media Check-up | Take home the tools to create your own timely health memes and find out the secret recipe brands and influencers utilize to create authentic connections and raise awareness about COVID-19.
Speaker: Don Caldwell
Moderator: Amanda Lederman

Mindful Moment | Rebekah "Bex" Borucki leads us through an intention setting practice to help align our heads with our hearts and gain clarity on what truly matters this year.

De-Stress Your Way to Better Health | From understanding the impact stress has on the mind and body to learning how to better manage stress in your every day, Dr. Susan Mitmesser is here to share her expert insight and answer all of your questions.
Moderator: Nikki Brown

COVID-19 Vaccine: Fast Facts with Pfizer's Chief Patient Officer, Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron.

Fireside Chat with Tatyana Ali | Actress, Singer, & Advocate, Tatyana Ali, takes the stage to discuss the challenges mothers of color face, the importance of birth equity, and the steps we can take to help incite change.
Moderator: Thai Randolph