An Exclusive Message for Members of the Group Black Network

Hosted by Group Black x SHE Media

Group Black Head of Growth, Ryan Robertson, and SHE Media SVP of Marketing and Partner Development, Deborah Kadetsky, come together in this video to share more information about the Group Black and SHE Media partnership.

Since the Group Black Network - a collective partnership between SHE Media and Group Black was announced at the BlogHer Biz stage in October 2021, lots of behind-the-scenes work has been going on. This will provide answers to some key questions that have been asked by members of the Group Black Network. Hosts Ryan and Deborah give more detail of what's to come as they discuss, the mission and vision, and what members should expect going forward, especially in for display media, influencer, and branded content campaigns

Watch to learn more about these opportunities and how we plan to bring them to life. This is the first of many in the communication and information flow with the Group Black Network. We encourage a two-way dialogue so please reach out with your questions and comments at

This video also features a special message from the CEO and Co-founder of Group Black, Travis Montaque, for our partners. Watch now.