BlogHer Biz Week Two: The Power of the Pitch

Elevate your elevator pitch, create a unique and differentiated brand, establish your niche, and build your style guide.

Our programming included:

Spotlight Talk with Heidi Rose Robbins | Tune in to find out what this month’s lunar phase has in store for us! Learn how to better embrace group creativity & empower one another with Heidi’s moon notes.

Fireside Chat with Jenni Pulos | The hilarious, multi-talented Jenni Pulos takes the stage to share how she found success on screen & behind the scenes! Find out how to turn your creativity into cash & expand your brand while avoiding burnout.
Moderator: Reshma Gopaldas

Brand Building For Beginners | Get insights from the experts on how to create a unique and differentiated brand, establish a niche within a crowded marketplace, and apply best practices to create a profitable business.
Speakers: Tiffany Aliche and Jennifer Kem
Moderator: Amanda Lederman

Keynote with Brit Morin | Brit takes the stage to teach us something new about what it takes to build a creative empire! From crafting content for her site, creating products, or empowering others through education, Brit understands the importance of creativity, knowledge, & community.
Moderator: Brandi Jeter Riley

Perfect Your Pitch | Whether you’re hoping to land a campaign, find funding, or collaborate with a fellow content creator, first impressions can make or break the deal. Learn how to elevate your elevator pitch and stop selling yourself short.
Speakers: Mattie James and JJ Ramberg
Moderator: Nikki Brown