BlogHer Biz Week Four: Scale, Grow and Diversify Revenue

Our programming included:

Fireside Chat with Laura Marano | Learn how triple threat, Laura Marano, is finding new ways to stay connected and creative and using her platform for good!

Confidence Crash Course | Learn from these bold bosses how you can overcome imposter syndrome, confidently be the face of your brand, and effectively advocate what's best for you and your business.
Speakers: Sadie Kurzban & Tracy Tutor

Spotlight Talk with Executive Coach Stef Ziev | Let's take a moment to reflect on how our inner monologue and emotions play a pivotal part in the path our lives and careers take. Stef Ziev shares how to change your narrative with a simple tool so you can more consciously choose to create the life you've been dreaming of.

Fireside Chat with Sasheer Zamata & Monica Padman | Sasheer Zamata takes the stage to discuss how she's using her comedy chops to bring people together and have real conversations, the art of collaborating with friends, and the importance of finding your voice.

Streamlining Your Success | Keep up with your business goals with best practices from industry experts. Learn how to increase efficiency & productivity when it comes to business processes and gain a better understanding of your finances and how to best manage them to keep your passion profitable.
Speakers: Amanda Afeiche, Carrie Augustine, Kachet Jackson-Henderson

Expand Your Brand, Double Your Revenue | Julie Solomon takes the stage to share how to grow your brand, double your revenue, and set yourself up for long-term success.

Business Transformation from Start-ups to Fortune 100 | A conversation for Thought Leaders and Business Innovators. Calling all activists, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. These unusual times are creating a unique opportunity for business transformation -- and that's true for start-ups as well as Fortune 100 organizations. Join a conversation for thought leaders and people who want to make change happen at scale.
Speakers: Gina Pell, Marian Salzman, DeNeige Watson, Carolyn Rodz, Samantha Skey